Fertility Clinic Management System facilitate to manage records with complete details of Infertility treatment along with the examinations, procedures & treatments. Fertility clinic information system provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.

Fertility Clinic Management System is powerful, flexible and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to Infertility clinics. It is an integrated end-to-end Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration in a seamless flow.

Features of Infertility & IVF Clinic Management System:-

    * Patient Registration with Medical & Family History
    * Dynamic addition of Procedure / Treatment e.g. ICSI. IUI, IVF etc
    * Examination / Test Record maintenance for Patient & Spouse
    * Treatment / Injections Monitoring & Management of Patient
    * Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    * Complete Management of Infertility Treatment
    * IUI, ICSI, IVF Procedure Management
    * Predefined prescriptions for Medicines
    * Flexible Reports with Statistical Analysis