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Our hard work & dedication have helped us mark our footprints as a top software development and product engineering company. Cheers to a journey filled with fanatical visions that will assist our clients reach the success they’ve always envisioned.

About Us

Supreme Innovations is a IT company with office in Dewas Madhya Pradesh India, that was founded in 2012, The founder Mr Samarjeet Singh Jadhav graduated from Amity University Noida, India and began his IT career with the vision to provide a bespoke quality service. Supreme Innovations have delivered Hundreds of web applications to US and Canadian Market, We do develop very complex Web applications for Hospitals and Medical Colleges. Our vision continues to grow to serve Man kind and make their life simple.

Supreme Innovations provides various professional services including:

  • Hospital Information System
  • Enterprise resource Planning
  • Custom Software Development
  • The entire lifecycle of IT projects including IT strategic planning

This is the snap shot of company and the services offered in most basic form, to assist with the development or growth of your company taking in to account your company values.

At Supreme Innovations our team consist of Business Analysts, Business Consultants, Project/Program/Portfolio Managers and Software & Systems Architects whom are highly qualified and experienced.

Our Clients

What We Do

HIS Software

A Hospital Information System (HIS) is an integrated software that handles different aspects of Hospital workflows, such as Administrator, Outdoor Patient, Indoor Patient, Billing, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Hospital Store, and Record Room.

Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Pos Software will support and Facilitate your Retail Pharmacy Flourish and save money. Pharmacy Pos software is trusted by many pharmacies of all sizes. From small clinical pharmacies to large retail chains, we partner with you to grow your sales.

Software Development

There are several different approaches to software development: some take a more structured, engineering-based approach to developing business solutions, whereas others may take a more incremental approach, where software evolves as it is developed piece-by-piece.

Stuff We've Made


I hired Supreme Innovations about a year ago, to perform web development on a new web site of mine. I found Supreme Innovations team to be very technically proficient, very easy going, and easy to work with. I value their technical opinion and frequently ask their advice when I have a technical problem. they are always willing to listen to my questions and offer their suggestions. They have followed up by providing me support even after my contract was over. I highly recommend Supreme Innovations.

Supreme Innovation is a global web services outsourcing firm that focuses on organic analysis and cost-effective web development services.

Supreme Innovations